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What other's have to say about working with me for coaching and sound therapy purposes. 

"I’ve attended a few of your sound therapy sessions. The beautiful sounds you produced on the bowls and the gong took me through various visions and meditative experiences that were very much needed and helped me resolve something that I have been struggling with.


I loved the earthy, tribal rhythm of the drums and the connection it gave me with the earth/roots"

Sound Bath

Mrs N, Corsham

"I thought I needed support on my confidence, but by the end of my second coaching session I realised it was the lack of career progression that was the main issue... It's been a journey of self-discovery, resilience and self-efficacy"

Mrs M, Swindon


"I really enjoyed the sound bath today, I was not expecting to travel so far visually, I went on an entire journey! Thanks so much for the great experience."

Sound Bath

Ms C, Wiltshire
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